GTERB User.....

1. Dress: Classy yet sexy
2. Reliability:never cancels and shows up on time
3. Service: you get the full hour with no down time
4 Menu:lfk,dfk,bbbj.cim.-anal play/greek not required
5. Attitude : enjoys her job, always smiling,goes out of her way to please
6. Look:Curvy, great skin, minimal tattoos/piercings

That's  JEWEL !!!! 

"One-Eyed Jack" ~ GTERB

Presentation: A-List women take pride here, always well dressed with perfect make up and exude sex appeal just naturally. Jewel could show up after a week's flu bundled in a snow suit and she would still pull it off. No idea how, but she would..

Sexuality: A-List Providers luv sex, they do this for all the right reasons. We've all met some who will participate (or not) in pretty much any menu venture agreed upon but one can sense it's perhaps under obligation.. some need to act the part and may be very good at it but then there's those with true enthusiastic pleasure.... that would be A-List.. Jewel? If your not sure, please read her reviews.. all if you can.

Class and Style: A-List women have strong social skills, excellent conversationalists with the ability to quickly adjust to any changing environment and I believe she scores highly here. An excellent date for whatever social function.


One of the best. I've reviewed Jewel in the past and there are many other reviews of Jewel so no need for details....

Pics are spot on. Great DFK and very responsive...

what a delight to watch Jewel's pleasure. Great attitude and service, who could ask for anything more? Repeat? Without a doubt!